Outdoor Adventure for All

Why subsidise our outdoor adventures?

"Cool, are they baby polar bears?"

…came the question from the back of the mini-bus as the young people arrived at their destination for the morning climbing session surrounded by sheep. Questions like these from young people who come on outdoor adventures from disadvantaged urban backgrounds have made us conscious of the limited experience that many young people in our region have of the outstanding natural environment that is on their doorstep.

This is the inspiration behind Expanding Horizons on the homepage. We aim to provide high quality outdoor adventurous experiences to the young people who stand to gain the most from them.

Sure Footing discounts the price of sessions for those who cannot afford the standard rate – you’ll find further details below – to make them accessible to all.  This is made possible by a lot of people giving their time, energy and expertise in the setting up and running of sessions, by the generous donations of individuals and businesses, and by charging a standard rate for other participants. 

What is the subsidised rate and do we qualify for it?

The subsidised rate is £10 per participant for a full adventure day comprising morning and afternoon activities (a 50% reduction from the standard rate).  Any young person eligible to receive free school meals automatically qualifies for the subsidised rate. 

When you book you have the option to select the number of subsidised rate participants in your group.  You will also be asked if you can provide some evidence for this if asked so please have a think about this in advance.  This could be confirmation of their status from the relevant local authority or it could be a judgement that you have good reason to make.

If you have any questions relating to the subsidy, please get in touch using the enquiry form below.

I am interested in giving to the work of Sure Footing

If you, your business or your church would like to support the work of Sure Footing you can make a one-off or a regular donation at our Give.net webpage.  

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