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BBC Breakfast at the Endcliffe Park Fly Past

Last week crowds flocked to Endcliffe Park to watch the flypast in honour of the ten men of flight ‘Mi Amigo’ who crashed there 75 years ago.  Their story has become national news in recent weeks thanks to the dedication of local man Tony Foulds in sharing his memories of their heroic actions.

What is less known is that there are many other instances of WW2 planes crash landing not far from Sheffield as they returned from missions, often having sustained damage.  The Dark Peak is home to many wreckages, each having their own story of bravery, herosim and, sadly, often tragedy.  Walking to these crash sites is a great way to consider these events in a vivid way and learn more about those who fought in WW2.  

Many are in atmospheric but remote locations so make sure you go with a competant guide – such as a Sure Footing instructor!